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*A Podcast about Sisterlocks the Lifestyle is about the Hairdo that’s really a Lifestyle. Listen and enjoy! Can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/user-395439154/sisterlocks-the-lifestyle

Sisterlocks(TM) is a lifestyle that I consider to be one of the best natural hair care management systems for most African American hair textures.

One of the biggest advantages and possibily the most important benefit about this lifestyle hairdo is that you don’t have to apply any products to your hair to create the look. As a matter of fact, the less products you use the better.

Another added benefit is you can style your hair in so many different ways using your own hair. The Sisterlocks organization has taken the position that if hair is added then you can’t call it Sisterlocks.

Now Those of us who have taken the class to install Sisterlocks(TM) are trained to determine the correct locking pattern for your individual texture using important factors. Some of these factors include but not limited to:

*your curl pattern
*length of your hair
*texture of your hair
*density of your hair – how many hairs per square inch

This is why it becomes difficult to quote a price over the phone without seeing the hair in person, which is why consultations are very important.

During the consultation your hair is analyzed for its condition using the characteristics mentioned earlier and approximately 10 sample locks are put in during the visit.

Somewhat of a ‘nightmare’ can occur if your Sisterocks are installed using a locking pattern that is inappropriate for the curl pattern. This can be eliminated with a consultation and with sample locks being installed before hand.

After the Sisterlocks(TM) are installed, one of the biggest costly mistake that people make, is not getting their Sisterlocks(TM) retightened in a timely manner which could results in loosing some of your Sisterlock because the new growth was not turned in to give it strength.

This becomes extremely important especially around the hairline. Also, that noticeable signature grid pattern begins to loose its structure if one waits too long. Avoid the temptation to skip a session just to save money. Getting back on track can become financially overwhelming.

Sisterlocks The Lifestyle

The beginning phase or it called the “settling in phase” of Sisterlocks is VERY important because it will determine the outcome of how you progress through the journey.

The upfront investment of cost and your time is well worth the beautiful hair you will have in the not to distant future, when you follow the plan that your consultant has laid out for you.

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