A guide to naturally combating hair loss

The amount of hair loss today is quite alarming compared to when I first started my career as a hair care professional about 30 years ago. With the invention of so-called “protective styles”—weaves, extensions, and crochets—as well as repackaged hair chemical relaxers, hair dyes, illness, and poor diets, hair loss has definitely become one of the top major health issues that warrant our immediate attention.

Interestingly, polls from my research suggest that hair loss affects at least one-fourth of the population, so you are not alone. In reality, it is most likely going to affect more than half of the nation at some point in our lives. It can be very disfiguring, especially for women. Our hair is our crowning glory, after all, and when our hair isn’t happy, not much seems to go very well.

The women who came to the salon for help with this crisis were frustrated, and rightly so. They told me of the many commercial products they tried to combat their thinning hair that just didn’t deliver on the promises of restoration. This just demonstrates that many of the hair loss issues today may not be resolved by using topical products alone. You may need to explore other methods to remedy this situation. And not just any method, but a natural way to restore hair.

Naturally Combating Hair Loss

LaRetta Ann Taylor has been a beauty entrepreneur for over 30 years as a licensed cosmetologist, owning salons in New York and Baltimore. Hair care has been at the forefront of her long-standing career. LaRetta coaches women using hair growth regimens, which she considers the most important part of her business.

Her greatest accomplishment was quitting her chemotherapy treatments midstream in favor of nutritionally balancing her body to encourage healing naturally.

In her new book, Hair by Choice, she shares with readers the salon secrets she learned over the years, including how she recovered from hair loss and the methods she uses to coach others.

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