low resGlowup Flyer - Sisterlocks Glow-Up San Antonio!

Sisterlocks Glow-Up San Antonio!

Sisterlocks Glow-Up San Antonio! Show Up to the Glow-Up! This meetup is all about community and SHOWING UP (in person) for life-changing experiences! It takes a whole village to pull off a meetup so we warmly welcome your attendance.[...]
Apple Shampoo

Apple Shampoo

As you know, I'm all about being Natural. Watch my Youtube video for an excellent all-natural  Apple shampoo you can make yourself to use whether you are faced with hair loss or you want to keep what you have. I certainly use it to keep my[...]
Apple Shampoo
Hair by Choice Book Cover


HAIR BY CHOICE A guide to naturally combating hair loss The amount of hair loss today is quite alarming compared to when I first started my career as a hair care professional about 30 years ago. With the invention of so-called “protectiv[...]