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LaRetta reveals with readers in her new e-book the salon secrets she learned over the years, including recovering from hair loss.


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Useful tips on caring for your Sisterlocks™  and living a healthy Lifestye. Subscribe to get notified of when new videos are uploaded.

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"Hair Liberator"

I’m glad you stopped by my LifeStyle Blog! I’m a native New Yorker now offering Sisterocks services in the Greater San Antonio metropolitan area as a Certified Sisterlocks™ Brand Ambassador and a Stylish Healthy Living Expert. I have been working at my craft since 1987 and take great pride in my work. My hope here is to inspire YOU with my 50+ years of “wisdom diamonds” I picked up along my journey. Here’s a glimpse at what you can expect here: I will share how I remain cancer-free (fully recovered from stage 3 cancer), how to have a sexy yet business-like wardrobe and how to eat healthy on a budget without spending hours in the kitchen. Last but not least, I will share recommendations on how to keep your Sisterlocks™ in tip-top shape and in healthy condition. Stay tuned!


I'm so glad I decided to choose Ms. Laretta Ann as my consultant. She made me feel confident in my decision to get sisterlocks by answering all of my questions and insured me that she would keep the integrity of my hair while installing my sister locks. She is very professional, timely and provides a clean and quiet work space.
Wow! Ms. LaRetta is very sweet. I just wasn't sure about sisterlocks. She is teaching me the proper care and I am now 30 days in. Best thing about her is that she is genuine. Loving my new lifestyle. Looking forward to this journey.
LaRetta is very genuine and very professional. She is very knowledgeable about her craft and she takes the time to actually teach you proper haircare techniques. Wonderful person to be around.​
Well...where do I begin??? I've been getting my hair done by Ms. Laretta for about a year now and it has been a fabulous experience. She is very professional and excellent at her craft. In addition, Ms. Laretta carries the Sisterlock products as well as her own, so no having to order them on line. Check her out, you won't be disappointed!!!

YouTube Channel


Here are a couple of my videos. The first one shows a few of the Sisterlocks™ establishments that I have done over the years since 2007. I have lost the exact count but I have done well over 200 of them. The other is useful if you encounter slippage. Enjoy!