Sisterlocks Glow-Up San Antonio!

Sisterlocks Glow-Up San Antonio! Show Up to the Glow-Up! This meetup is all about community and SHOWING UP (in person) for life-changing experiences!

It takes a whole village to pull off a meetup so we warmly welcome your attendance.

Connect with other Sisterlocks™ wearers to share sound information on having a successful journey and attend local Sisterlocks™ Glow-Up events and classes. We warmly embrace You even if you don’t have Sisterlocks and just want to see what the Rave is all about or you are preparing for your own Sisterlocks™ journey.

There is $6 donation per meet-up unless otherwise noted towards the cost of refreshments, venue, and meet-up organizing expenses.

Hosted by LaRetta Ann Taylor, Sisterlocks™ Brand Ambassador

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