Hair Growth Consultation




LaRetta Ann Taylor utilizes her seasoned background as a Senior Cosmetologist, Certified Nutritional Balancing Consultant to assess hair challenges.  Choosing the right solution of addressing the problem of scalp issues or noticeably thin looking hair can make the difference between the feeling of helplessness and hope. A consultation is the first step to achieving stronger, fuller, healthier looking hair, mind, body and spirit.

If you are experiencing hair thinning, shedding, excessive breakage, weak hair or balding edges scheduling a Hair Growth Consultation today is highly recommended.

A video call is done to investigate why the symptoms are occurring. You will receive a treatment plan designed to begin the healing process of your hair and scalp concerns at the conclusion of the consultation.

Take CONTROL of your hair loss issues ~ schedule your appointment TODAY!

LaRetta Ann Taylor, Licensed Sr. Cosmetologist since 1987