low resGlowup Flyer - Sisterlocks Glow-Up San Antonio!

Sisterlocks Glow-Up San Antonio!

Sisterlocks Glow-Up San Antonio! Show Up to the Glow-Up! This meetup is all about community and SHOWING UP (in person) for life-changing experiences! It takes a whole village to pull off a meetup so we warmly welcome your attendance. Connect with other Sisterlocks™ wearers to share sound information on having a successful journey and attend local Sisterlocks™ Glow-Up events and classes. We warmly embrace You even if you don't have Sisterlocks and just want to see what the Rave is all about or you are prep[...]
Apple Shampoo

Apple Shampoo

As you know, I'm all about being Natural. Watch my Youtube video for an excellent all-natural  Apple shampoo you can make yourself to use whether you are faced with hair loss or you want to keep what you have. I certainly use it to keep my Sisterlocks growing an flowing! Click Here To Watch Video On Youtube No need to do another regular shampoo afterward either. Air dry and style the hair as usual when done. You can find more information on how to combat hair loss in my new book on Google Books that would make a perfe[...]
Hair by Choice Book Cover


HAIR BY CHOICE A guide to naturally combating hair loss The amount of hair loss today is quite alarming compared to when I first started my career as a hair care professional about 30 years ago. With the invention of so-called “protective styles”—weaves, extensions, and crochets—as well as repackaged hair chemical relaxers, hair dyes, illness, and poor diets, hair loss has definitely become one of the top major health issues that warrant our immediate attention. Interestingly, polls from my research suggest th[...]