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*A Podcast about Sisterlocks the Lifestyle is about the Hairdo that's really a Lifestyle. Listen and enjoy! Can be heard here: https://soundcloud.com/user-395439154/sisterlocks-the-lifestyle Sisterlocks(TM) is a lifestyle that I consider to be one of the best natural hair care management systems for most African American hair textures. One of the biggest advantages and possibily the most important benefit about this lifestyle hairdo is that you don't have to apply any products to your hair to create the look. As a matte[...]
My Sisterlocks V-Day
San Antonio

Self-Love Is So Sweet

I brought my own flowers today. Just because there isn't a significant other in my life at the moment doesn't mean I have to forego the V Day sweetness. It not the first time I've done this act of self-love either. Shoot, there is plenty of other things that I do now to make myself feel special on a regular, not just when this time of year rolls around so today should be no exception.            Self-love is a much needed ingredient to ward off low self-esteem and depression. It's difficult for others to affect y[...]